Wisconsin native Smith St. Nicholas is a singer, producer, and songwriter based in Harlem, NYC. His forthcoming debut album is inspired by his experience overcoming the medical trauma that led to his loss of singing ability for over 6 years.

He was teaching English in rural China at the time he fell ill. The infection quickly moved to his lungs and throat, and soon even speaking became painful. When he finally regained his voice, he equated the feeling to shouting from the top of a mountain in the rain.

His first single, Our Storyline, captures exactly this feeling with its "cascading choruses and emotionally fulfilling, stadium-ready outro."

critical reception

"Smith St. Nicholas’ voice is simultaneously warming and powerful ... a stunning strings section towards the end soars the track to a powerful crescendo and secures it as an instant crowd-pleasing hit."

"Our Storyline expands into a luscious euphoric pop soundscape with soaring vocals and luscious harmonies creating a stadium-ready anthem that has us mesmerized."

"Our Storyline,’ is a work of art and a true testament to his talent as an artist. I can’t wait to hear more from Smith."

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